Workshop: Day 2

Food Security and Climate

Chaotic Interruptions in the Economy: Droughts, Monsoons and Hurricanes in Harriet Martineau’s Illustrations of Political Economy

Dr Lesa Scholl, University of Queensland

Hunger in Utopia: Shahjahan’s Padshahnamah and literary responses to the Deccan Drought

Dr Saqib Baburi, British Library, London

Climate signals, environment and livelihoods in the long seventeenth century in India

Dr Vinita Damodaran, University of Sussex

Performing Dearth

Discursively digesting dearth and plenty alias Food (In)security

Julie Hudson, University of Warwick

Food and the Literary Imagination

Dr Jayne Archer, Prof. Howard Thomas, Prof. Richard Marggraf Turley, Aberystwyth University

Air Pollution and Early Modern Drama

Dr Chloe Preedy, University of Exeter

Digital Humanities and the History of Food Security

The Famine Project Website: Archives and Web Resources

Prof. Amlan Das Gupta, Jadavpur University

The Famine Project: Structuring Data

Gary Stringer, University of Exeter