Dr Nandini Chatterjee

Dr Nandini ChatterjeeNandini Chatterjee is Lecturer in History at the University of Exeter. She is a historian of South Asia interested in the study of law in cultural context. Her first book, The Making of Indian Secularism, Empire, Law and Christianity, 1830-1960 (2011) is about the co-formation of a minority community (of Indian Christians), and a particular mode of governing religion. Since then, she has written on people, cases and judges associated on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, the highest court of appeal of the British Empire, and co-curated a public exhibition about this court, hosted by the court itself. Currently, her research has moved to the late Mughal period (17th-19th centuries) and she is working on a book manuscript and other
projects based on Persian legal documents.